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Conditional compilation on a single code base is used to create application bundles. This approach allows for efficient usage of resources on the RTU, as only the applications that are desired are loaded onto the RTU. A single SCADASuite executable (.out) file contains one or many applications.
Never load more than 1 SCADASuite executable file onto an RTU at the same time. 
The name of the executable file describes which applications are included in the executable file, the RTU type that the file supports, and the configuration version of each application in the bundle. 

Configuration Version and Application Version

Every application has two versions: A configuration version and an application version.
The configuration version changes when any change is made to the number of parameters, the type of any parameter, or the limits of parameter. For example, if an application has a new status value added, then the configuration version will change. Or, if the type of a configuration parameter is changed from an 16 bit integer value to a floating point value, the configuration version will change.
The configuration version is important because it's only possible to synchronize a local configuration with the configuration of an application in the RTU if the applications are at the same configuration version. Note that the configuration of a locally stored application can be migrated to a new version using the features on the Version tab in the PC Configuration program.
The application version is used to indicate that something other than the configuration has changed with the application. For example, a bug fix would have code changes, but may not necessarily have configuration changes, so only the application version would change. Applications that have the same configuration version, but different application versions, are still compatible, and can be synchronized or compared.

File Naming

An executable filename can have the following application tags:
An executable filename can have the following RTU specific tags:
SCADASuite can be used with both Telepace and Isagraf (SCADAPack Workbench) firmware, but Telepace is preferred. Isagraf cannot write a 16 bit integer values to a single Modbus register, which makes it difficult to work with SCADASuite.
Some examples of file names are listed below. This is not a complete list.
Sp30_mqn0.10.1.out                         SCADAPack 300, MQTT without SSL, config version 0.10.1
Sp30_pl0.15.31_dl1.6.1.out              SCADAPack 300, Plunger Lift config version 0.15.31 and Datalogs config version 1.6.1
Pre-October 12, 2018
You can download the latest RTU Programs as a zip file from the Help screen on the PC Configuration Program. The file name changes with each release, so make sure that the PC Configuration is updated before downloading the RTU applications file. The Release Notes on the Help tab also has information on what the latest build is.
Post-October 12, 2018
Starting in October 12, 2018, links to all released versions are available in the RtuDownloads.htm file. This file can be opened from the Help tab in the PC Configuration Program. Each link shows the configuration and application versions for each application in a given bundle. This approach makes it easy to understand what version of the RTU application that you are downloading and also makes it easier to download older versions, in case you're not on the latest version. An example of the contents of the RtuDownloads.htm file is shown below.
A bundle of applications at the same version may be linked under multiple build groups. In this case, you can choose any link that you like and the application bundles will be identical even though they are linked more than once.
Example RtuDownloads.htm File

Installation Instructions

Schneider Electric's Telepace Studio software is required to install the executable file onto the RTU.
Follow the instructions below to install an SCADASuite executable file onto an RTU.
After completing these steps, you can connect to the RTU using the PC Configuration Program. Discover the configuration of the applications on the RTU as described in the Sync With RTU tab to verify that the executable loaded correctly and is working. You should also verify that the applications are at the desired version when you do this, since the file name can be changed and might not reflect the actual contents of the file.
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