Reference Manual


This section has details on how to download and install the SCADASuite PC Configuration Program.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and newer are supported. Both 32 and 64 bit operating systems are supported.


The PC Configuration program relies on Microsoft .NET 4.6.1. The installer will normally install this if you don't already have it installed, but in some cases you may need to install it manually. If you use the offline installer then you will need to install this manually.

Download Request

Use the form on our website to request an email with links to the downloads. The email will contain a link to the online installer and an offline installer. The online installer requires internet access during the installation process, while the offline installer is completely offline.
The online installer is recommended because when the PC Configuration Program is installed using the online installer, the application will check  for updates every time it started. If an update is available, it will automatically download the update and install it. The application will always be up to date without any effort on your part.
The offline installer is a standard Windows MSI installer. When the application is installed using the offline installer, it will never check for updates and you will need to download and install updates on your own.
Using the online installer is recommended so that you can automatically get updates.

Download and Installation - Online

Follow the instructions below to download and install the PC Configuration Program.
Next, move to the Licensing Section.

Download and Installation - Offline

If the target PC does not have internet access, follow the directions below to install the program.
When the target PC does not have internet access the application will not be updated automatically. Manually check for new releases to get important feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Licensing and End User License Agreement (EULA)

When the program is first run, which should happen automatically after the program is installed, you will see a screen like the one below. The main screen is blocked by a window that shows the EULA. You must choose the Accept and Continue option to run the program. If you don't want to accept the EULA, click the Decline and Quit option and uninstall the program. The EULA can also be found in this manual, in Appendix A and on the Help tab.
End User License Agreement
The PC Configuration Program is not licensed in any way beyond acceptance of the EULA. You can install it as many times as you want on as many computers as you want without additional payment, as long as such installations conform to the requirements in the EULA.


The PC Configuration Program can be uninstalled like any other Windows program. To uninstall the program, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, find the entry for SCADASuite Management, right click that entry, and choose the uninstall option. You can also downgrade the installation to a previous version using this method, assuming that you have installed a new version on top of a previous version.
The database file will not be deleted during uninstallation.


If you used the online installer, the program will check for updates automatically when it's started. If an update is available it will prompt you to install it. This feature requires internet access. Restart the program periodically to check for important updates. If the PC does not have internet access, check the offline installation location periodically for updates.
After an update is installed, close the program and then reopen it once to make sure that the update has taken effect. Verify that the Version matches the expected version on the Help tab.
If you used the offline installer, you will need to check the release notes periodically for updates. To install an update, request a new download link and follow the instructions to install the program. The program does not need to be uninstalled before running a new version of the installer.

Changing Installation Methods

If you want to switch from using the online installer to the offline installer, or vice versa, the program should be uninstalled manually before using the different installer. The database file is not deleted during uninstallation, so no data loss will occur if you choose to uninstall the program and then reinstall it using a different installation method.

Database Location

Before mid-November 2019, with application version 3.29 and earlier, when the program is first run, it will create a file named AppSuite.db in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SimarkControls\AppSuite folder, where USERNAME is the logged in user's username and C:\ is the system drive.
After mid-November 2019, with application version 3.30 and later, when the program is first run, it will create a file named ScadaSuite.db in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Gen7Systems\ScadaSuite folder, where USERNAME is the logged in user's username and C:\ is the system drive.  If a database file in the old location already exists it will be moved to this new location starting with application version 3.30.
This is a standard SQLite database file. To back up all of your settings, make a copy of this file. To delete all of your settings, delete this file, but make sure to wait until the program is not running.