Reference Manual


The MQTT application has control registers that accept commands when the application is running.
See the Applications and Modbus tab for some background information on SCADASuite and Modbus. You can always export the Modbus register map for the application to see an up to date list of what control parameters are available, which registers the information is in, and descriptions of the meaning of the information.
All Control Parameters are shown in the screen grab below. Some additional explanations are provided via the callouts.
Control Parameters

Publish statistics

1. Publish statistics
Set this coil to publish run time counters to the application's diagnostic log. Counters are cleared when values are published. The coil is cleared by the application when the coil's state is processed.

Disconnect from Server

2. Disconnect from Server
Set this coil to force the application to disconnect from the MQTT server. This can be used to manage the connection to the MQTT server from a user program.

Report on demand

3. Report on demand
Each Reporting Group has a coil which allows for publishing on demand. Set the coil to publish the values in the reporting group to the MQTT server. The coil will be cleared by the application when the coil's state is processed.